Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day

Well, today is April 1st. I am NOT an April Fool. By no means.

I am, however, a depressed bipolar human behind the lovely and vivacious and GROOVY avatar.

The human is working so hard to get the above in control. Mind you, she adores the up swing days on the bipolar spectrum - as her manic highs are around everyone's normal happy - just a little above that maybe - when she is on her manic side - she tends to talk a lot more - make jokes a lot more and is very giddy and she feels very artistic and has blasts of artistic creativity so she starts projects - is able to leave the confines of her room and get things done.

When she is on the low end of the bipolar she is really low. I mean LOW. If you have not dealt with depression, especially bipolar depression, you may not understand. Crying is a standard every few minutes for no reason and the not wanting to leave the safe area of the bedroom or what ever room is the safe zone.

The human here in question has bipolar mixed which is hard because both sides of the spectrum has parts of the other end mixed in. Like the racing thoughts of the high end is still present in the low end, etc.

So the human behind the hip and groovy Dakk is going through the down side right now - but it will pass. She will be in SL, as she has to pay tier on her lot and has other stuff to do - and hopefully seeing all her friends will help her hourglass turn around again to the up side.

But if you don't see her - just know she is still there - Her Human just needs to pick up her basket. :-)

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