Monday, April 19, 2010

Things are Going Swimmingly!

Today, April 19, 2010, marks the first day of the Fantasy Faire here in Second Life! Here you will find eight full SIMs, each with its own theme: Mer Market, Wings, Wands & Wonders, Elven Court, Dark Realms, Avatopia, Neko Industrial, Via Obscura and Sector Sci-Fi. There is something for everyone here, and I know to see the whole thing you will need more than one day!
I stopped by the Fantasy Faire early this morning. I did not even make it past the first couple of booths! I was in Mer Heaven! But, alas, I had to leave to start my blogging on the beautiful items from the Mer Market vendors that I had been assigned to. Do you get the connection with the title of the entry? Sometimes my wit scares me.
The best part of this event, besides the 8 FULL SIMs of Fantasy items, is that proceeds from the sale of certain items will go to Relay for Life! How can you beat buying your Fantasy clothes, wands, wings, tails and other items while helping Relay for Life at the same time?
Today I am focusing on Pacific Sunrise
~ Jade Wolfenhaut.
The first tail I tried was the Snowflake Eel Tail.
This is a really simple but unique tail that comes in two lengths, has nice petals to please even the most modest of Mermaids. The tail has a unique pattern and is a very nice color of white that will look good on any skin tone. And there is no fashion rule about not wearing a white mermaid tail after Labor Day!
The second mermaid tail I reveled in was the Beta Tail. This tail is a beautiful shade of blue and blue green. It comes with two different tops instead of petals. It has full fins on the feet, thighs, arms and ears! It moves so gracefully when you swim.
Here I have it paired with the Atlantis Necklace of Light – created by Tithis String, one of the designers in Jade Wolfenhaut’s store.

Close up of the Atlantis Necklace of Light.
Pacific Sunrise is one of the first booths you will see when you enter the Mer Market. Make a left onto the first street you come to and the booth is on your left side.
Since the Fantasy Faire is only running until the 25th, here is the SLURL to her main store

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Isle said...

Great looks, I love how the first tail looks like an albino eel. I bet the second would look great in motion too.

Nice closeup on the necklace!

Thanks for the mermaid coverage, I don't see much of that. Nice job!