Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Once Upon a Time..

... A MerVillage had been destroyed. Everyone had moved to deeper waters for their safety. It was very cold in the deeper waters. There was one mermaid who did not like it at all. Her family told her to stay away from the ruins. When she asked why she had to stay away from the ruins where the warm waters were, they explained that it was destroyed by man and they did not want to risk having her hurt or even worse, murdered! She contemplated this for a while.
She hated disobeying her family, but she was so cold the thought of warmer waters was too compelling she couldn't help it. She had to go back. Something was drawing her there. Was it just the warm water or something else? "Man? What is man?," she thought to herself, "Man cannot be all bad. We have Mermen and they are a type of man, aren't they?" Before she knew it she was at the ruins.

The warm water felt so good! She was home. She was warm!
In fact she was having such a good time that she did not see the man on the bank of the water above her. He had thought he had heard splashing and thought someone may be in trouble so he took off his boots, armor and shirt and jumped in to try to save who ever he had thought was drowning.
He was completely startled as she swam over to him to get a closer look. They stared into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity, but was only a few moments, as humans cannot breathe under water.

She swam away as he broke the surface of the water. Did he see what he thought he saw? Did she just see a human? "too bad he cannot breathe under water," she thought at the same time he was thinking, "too bad she is a fish."

I hope you liked that little story - below are the items from that Story:

The Purple Mermaid Sleved Tail, & Ruins are from Mermaid Reef - Suki Hawker
The tail is different from any others that I have seen so far. For one it shows more skin on the legs and thighs than most tails do. it also comes with three different arm cuffs that you can wear if you want to. crab claw, star fish or plain. if you touch the fins you will get a menu with things that you (or anyone) can do to the mermaid - in words -- like hug, lick, play, etc.
The Ruins are beautiful! Much larger than I expected which is always nice! the realistic stone texture was amazing. If I were creating any kind of undersea habitat I definitely would want to use the ruins.

Pose Balls - Falling into you - Kit Jefes- Kindred Souls
This is a great pose not only for mer people but for anyone who wants a cute couple pose. I really liked it.

The following tail is by Suki Hawker - Mermaid Reef

This Mer tail is a bit more for the bad girl in most of us that wants to get out. (many of you already let her out!) It is called The Sheer Latex Tail.

It has a really flowing tail that is indeed sheer. There are two sizes of scales in the front. High and Low. Low is really low... it shows everything in the nether regions so make sure you have had your waxing done.

Arm Bands, Collar, Chains, Chain Belt - you could be a Mermaid Biker! OK, I know, driving the bike is awkward side saddle. It was just a thought.
Close up of the chains on the belt - this one has the menu driven fins as well.
Oh did I forget to mention it comes with this ball gag?
Dang I hoped you wouldn't have reminded me, Suki.

The Fantasy Faire is running until April 25th! Come out and get your Fantasy On!

A big Thank you to my friend Kevin Fielding for letting me use him in my story! :-)

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