Monday, April 26, 2010

Fantasy Faire is now Over

I am sad it is. I got to sneak in today whilst the vendors started packing up. It was very sad seeing the empty booths, but I did get to see a lot of things the vendors did have as wares AND I gathered a lot of Land Marks so I can visit their shops at my leisure.

I did find this one place - totally by accident as there wasn't a sign to it - it was behind the Mer Market. There was a pirate ship back there in a lagoon. I wanted to see what was over there and into the water I jumped- and it was not a shallow lagoon either. Good thing SL we don't really breathe!

As I plummeted to the bottom of the deep lagoon I landed with a semi hard thud. (well water does slow you down a bit). When I stood up and was able to look around I was amazed! Had I known what I had seen was there guess where I would have taken ALL my photos for my blog! Yep you got it! It was actually a booth for Garden of Da Vinci, a wonderus place on Kalepa Sim created by Felixx Sheppard.

I found myself in some ruins looking directly into the eye of an octopus! He was as curious about me as I was about him!

I found the coral and got on a ride-able sea horse and took a ride around his display. I had hoped it was larger than what it was but I got the landmark to the sim and I plan on going back. His sim has more than just what is under water! There is a castle and oh so much more.

I have not been having luck with putting SLURLs in here so all you have to do is search for Gardens of Da Vinci and there it is!

now I am taking a short break my fingers are tired - tomorrow I have some outfits from Kissed by Lithium to tell you all about... giggle... I am such a tease!

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