Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Promise Kept!

Today, as promised yesterday, I have for you two outfits from Kissed by Lithium. I also threw in some poses from Adorkable Poses! These designers keep amazing me every time I see something from them.

First from Kissed By Lithium (KBL) we have Diazapam. A cute little number with a body suit, flexi skirt and tutu skirt. I am wearing purple but it also comes in brown, black and blue. I just loved the tutu skirt so I wore that one in the shots. . I really loved the delicate open lace between the bra top and the bikini bottom on the body suit. You will probably see me running around SL in this number a LOT this spring now I need to find me a really cute pair of flops that are NOT the kind the foam kind I usually end up getting. (Hey I am still pretty new to this Fashionista thing)

This second offering from KBL is Oxycontin, a cute little pair of short shorts and a bandeau top available in blue, green, brown, and purple. It is great for those hot summer nights for going out to the clubs or even just staying home. The satin is a beautiful material for this outfit because it shows off the curves nicely.

The pose screens are from Adorkable Poses. (See Ms Peapod! I actually was able to get one done!) Any way these screens are AMAZING! She has put several poses in them so more than
one person can have fun! Imagine one person hanging upside down while another is trying to tip it over! it is menu driven so it makes it easy to change poses too. This is super for Photograhers as well as anyone who just likes to have fun with poses. :-)

Okies I have to give my old fingers a rest. The fibromyalgia is cramping my fingers and making it a bit hard to type and if I am in SL I am going to need to use voice chat! LOL

See ya in my Second Life!

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