Thursday, August 7, 2014

Me again

Why does it seem that I only write here once a year? IT WAS GIRL SCOUTS! I swear!!!! 

((And I had a RL in person friend and we were doing stuff OUTSIDE!) She has now moved to Pennsylvania and I miss her terribly, but we can't just pick up and go to the mall now, can we.)

Well the daughter told me the other day she is done with GS and wants to do gymnastics or cheer leading. Now I have to figure out how to get her into one of those!

Anyhow - Dakk was back then gone then back then gone then back then gone. No wonder ya'll were confused! 

Hopefully I am back this time. For good! Giggle. 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well, I am back! Hopefully for some time this time. A year is way too long to be away, especially when I am a premium member. I hope to get this blog back up and running along with blogging about creator/designer's items and I am still going to be the Vampire/Gothy/steampunky/belly dancing/photography/and hopefully DJing-ish persona I was and hope to be. Maybe even design some clothes in there too. Maybe I will just do it all!  Oh don't forget being a mermaid and shopaholic....

My Human is still bumbling through RL and is working through the pain and memory loss. Autumn is back at school and on the AB Honor Roll! IF you get to know me in SL really well, I may just let you into my my human's  RL world. I do have some SL friends who have made it over  and vice verse  BUT you will never know who is who in this crazy life of mine.

I and my human will be having to weave the two worlds around each other and not let it get so out of balance like it was a year ago. The human has RL responsibilities that need to be taken care of  Like her  9 year old daughter, the cats, fish. reptiles (currently there is a Veiled Chameleon and a Bearded Dragon) and the human's RL husband. 

Don't let the fact that the human does have a RL husband scare you away.they have an agreement - FLIRTING  is A-OK along with dancing and cuddling. No SL Sex tho. Sorry bout that, but that is the way it has to be. A promise is a promise and both the human and I take promises very seriously. Although he probably would think it was very funny to  watch.... 

That is all from this reborn SLer. See you in the grid and on href="" target="_blank">

I am back again! lol Hopefully for good this time! I have missed my online life. RL is good too but I am now going to find a balance between the two. I have so many SL friends that I missed. It feels good to be home.

I am having to learn everything from scratch - new viewer and mesh - it is everywhere! I will get it through once I do, they will change it again! 

Well that is all I am going to write for now. I have a huge post building up in my mind ... so keep your eyes out for it!


Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to School Week here...

It has been a back to school week this week and my human has been pretty busy with getting her kidlet ready and working on learning what she needs to learn for Girl Scouts as she is now a leader. That left poor me, Dakkerella in the dark and out of commission for a week. 

Hopefully this will all change now that things will be settlening down. Coming up for a product blog will be a few items from Allure, so keep your eyes out for that. 

Today is human's first Girl Scout meeting so hopefully things will go well for her.  I am not having any kids. 

At 527 years old - I just can't keep up with all their hi jinks! besides I don't want to be tempted to bite them. You never know.

More later

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Arrrrrr, Avast Ye Maties!

Yes I am talking like a pirate and it isn't even Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19th).  Why, you may ask...

...well, Ragdollz, home of a variety of wonderfully made theme clothes from Steampunk to Vampires, has just released three wonderful pirate themed outfits!  

First up we have Marietta and Derek. Released separately, they work well as a couple theme. The flow on the gown is amazing and your man in Derek will be the most talked about pirate out there.  Derek is being modeled by Nyte Venom.

This beautiful gown is called Captured My Heart and it is sure to wow them even if you are not trying for a pirate look. The delecate lace overlay and tight fitting corset makes your figure alluring!

These outfits are available only during the Pirate Hunt. You need to hurry as the hunt end this Sunday at midnight!

Yarrr! A pirate ye be! Tis true says I!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Its Click!

One of my favorite builders in Second Life, is Flix Salman. He doesn't build regular houses or cars or even make clothes. Flix creates wonderful Photography Scenes & Props. 

If you own more than one scene there is no need for lots of space to have the scenes out as his unique rezzing system uses just a 15x15 footprint. His scenes are very realistic, contain multiple poses  by Xoxo by ania, Glitterati and others and  they have cut away walls for shooting the scene from almost any angle. 

You can find his wonderful  creations at the Second Life Market place HERE.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Time with friends and family

Tonight was a good night. 

The first thing I did when I came in was hang out at a club called MoMo's. The club itself has a laid back beach feel and the music is varied. Each DJ has his own style. The mood is upbeat and fun as the spatial (local) chat goes whizzing by so fast that you should take speed reading lessons! 

The DJs and Hosts were super friendly and spent time chatting with me even though the club was pretty busy. They run a theme contest that lasts 2 hours each. While I was there the first theme was Best in Tats and the second one was Best in Goth. As I was leaving they announced the next contest as Horror. 

I would have stayed longer but I wanted to go to get some ideas worked out that I had running through my head.   I did not get much done but I did had a blast with my sissypoo Desiree Lurra and a good friend named Jon Scot.. Mostly we chatted, did a little shopping (how can anyone go a day with out buying something in SL?) and hung out.  

It was wonderful to reconnect with my old friends that I had not talked to since I had to leave for my surgery, and making new friends for me is always a thrill. 

I can't believe it is already 4am EST! Where does the time go? It just keeps "Slipping,, slipping slipping, into the future!"

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hello again, Hello....

Well lets get this party started, again, shall we? 

I am once again dusting off this old tired blog. We have a new look for a new start. 

I will be posting my first real post soon. I have a review of some wings to write about! 

See you all soon!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Writing Poetry

Sometimes the mood just strikes me to write --anything. Get that pen/cil moving on that paper and just see what comes out.

The other day I met my friend at a poetry reading and everyone in the circle was sharing. I felt very timid to share what I wrote because it was written very hastily the evening before. 

Time: The night before: We were just standing around and Desiree was sharing some of her poetry. (Which is AMAZING) by the way!) Then a couple more friends shared some of their writing. I wanted to share something too so I frantically put pen to paper and wrote a poem.  My friends seemed to love it - but they had to say that as they are my friends! End:The night before

Here is said poem:


I met you a long time ago
in my dreams in the dark
you were calling to me...

I saw you and my heart stopped,
There you were
as you appeared in my dreams.
Scared and in awe was I .
How could I know what was in store for me
That fateful night

When you touched me 
I could feel your cold skin
send shivers of ice down my spine
and yet it was hot like fire.

Slowly you took me in your arms
Barely a whisper you spoke in my ear,
"You will be mine."

Then your breath on my neck
It was if time stood still then
a bite was all. 

I could feel my life slipping away
but yet 
I was not scared
To the brink of death you took me
And then a
Taste of blood on my lips

I was reborn into the night. 

                                                       ~Dakk McDunnough

The poetry circle just kind of looked at me funny. I guess I should have told them Dakk is a Vampire. LOL

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time to dust off the pollen off this old blog of mine and catch you all up!

I get so many things I want to say here then, of course, with my brain, I forget to write them out. One of the bad things about being a Dakk. LOL 

One item is that I have become a part time vampire. I know, I know... Sad isn't it. I haven't left my clan or anything, and on Face Book we still play exchange the Vampire Candy (It drives my RL relatives NUTS!)  Hey you all can come and visit me there too! LOL I am all over the internet you know! Just look for dakk_mcdunnough or various forms there of. 

One really exciting thing is that I have started making fun and fanciful clothes and what nots! The name of the line is ... get is so original you won't believe it... Dakk Attack!  LMAO.  So I made a group for it call Dakk Attack as well it is free to join I will be working on getting the basics in but when I am done I will be sending out notices for new items, hunts, and group gifts!  My current and only location is on a new sim named Moon Rose Cove.  

I have been out of  SL for a few days. My power cord on the lap top went the way of broken laptop cords where ever that may be. I hope to be in tonight some time. I say hope because while I was using hubs laptop (I could use it for mail and stuff like that - could not install SL) I logged into NetFlix and am absolutely hooked on the 1967 soap opera Dark Shadows.  It is that temporary Vampire in me. Oh Barnabas if only you were a GOOD looking Vampire I would be your Josette! OK, off to try to finish the second season. I will try not to start the 1990s revival of the show.  giggle