Monday, July 23, 2012

Time with friends and family

Tonight was a good night. 

The first thing I did when I came in was hang out at a club called MoMo's. The club itself has a laid back beach feel and the music is varied. Each DJ has his own style. The mood is upbeat and fun as the spatial (local) chat goes whizzing by so fast that you should take speed reading lessons! 

The DJs and Hosts were super friendly and spent time chatting with me even though the club was pretty busy. They run a theme contest that lasts 2 hours each. While I was there the first theme was Best in Tats and the second one was Best in Goth. As I was leaving they announced the next contest as Horror. 

I would have stayed longer but I wanted to go to get some ideas worked out that I had running through my head.   I did not get much done but I did had a blast with my sissypoo Desiree Lurra and a good friend named Jon Scot.. Mostly we chatted, did a little shopping (how can anyone go a day with out buying something in SL?) and hung out.  

It was wonderful to reconnect with my old friends that I had not talked to since I had to leave for my surgery, and making new friends for me is always a thrill. 

I can't believe it is already 4am EST! Where does the time go? It just keeps "Slipping,, slipping slipping, into the future!"

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