Thursday, October 24, 2013

Well, I am back! Hopefully for some time this time. A year is way too long to be away, especially when I am a premium member. I hope to get this blog back up and running along with blogging about creator/designer's items and I am still going to be the Vampire/Gothy/steampunky/belly dancing/photography/and hopefully DJing-ish persona I was and hope to be. Maybe even design some clothes in there too. Maybe I will just do it all!  Oh don't forget being a mermaid and shopaholic....

My Human is still bumbling through RL and is working through the pain and memory loss. Autumn is back at school and on the AB Honor Roll! IF you get to know me in SL really well, I may just let you into my my human's  RL world. I do have some SL friends who have made it over  and vice verse  BUT you will never know who is who in this crazy life of mine.

I and my human will be having to weave the two worlds around each other and not let it get so out of balance like it was a year ago. The human has RL responsibilities that need to be taken care of  Like her  9 year old daughter, the cats, fish. reptiles (currently there is a Veiled Chameleon and a Bearded Dragon) and the human's RL husband. 

Don't let the fact that the human does have a RL husband scare you away.they have an agreement - FLIRTING  is A-OK along with dancing and cuddling. No SL Sex tho. Sorry bout that, but that is the way it has to be. A promise is a promise and both the human and I take promises very seriously. Although he probably would think it was very funny to  watch.... 

That is all from this reborn SLer. See you in the grid and on href="" target="_blank">

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