Friday, April 23, 2010

Mermaid's Tale / Tail

Morgana Price has a beautiful tail for Relay for life it is called the Tulip Marrow. It is in a gorgeous color of blue with a beautiful tulip

petal design on all the fins, fin skirt and dainty faerie wings! I had to give you a back view so you could see it! This tail would be

wonderful for participating in a mermaid ballet! I can see the mermaid ballerinas dancing across the stage! Beautiful!

CelestialRay Serpente owner of Rose Princess has a very regal mermaid tail. It is actually part of a three piece set that includes the tail a gown and a bridal dress - I only have time to write about the mermaid tail. And what a tail it is. I imagine this tail is that of a queen or a princess or a good farie mermaid or someone like Glenda the Good Witch of the North.

Well with these last two Mermaids we come to the end of my Fantasy Faire Journey. It has been fun writing about these beautiful tails but I couldn't end my journey with out telling you about the beginning - the way I found out about Mer People in Second Life. And that all begins with one Photo shoot two years ago for a wonderful designer named Alice Biondi.

She is not just a mer designer - in fact this year her booth is set up in Elven Court but she let me in on two of her current tails and her RLF bracelet. I fell in love with mermaids that day 2 years ago! Alice and I have kept in touch regularly, but I had no idea mer people were this popular until this Fantasy Faire! Thank you, Alice, for that first glimpse of the wonderful world of Mermaids. If it weren't for you I would not have visited, let along blogging for, the Fantasy Fair!

This first mermaid is called the Fisherman's Wife. I need to ask her about why it is named that. I bet she has a grand story to tell. It is a brilliant shade of green with long flowing fins as well as some feather is looking fins around the bottom of the tail. Around the waist is a satchel/belt/scarf I wasn't able to tell but it was very pretty.

The Second Mer tail I tried on was even more amazing than the first. It is called Icelanta and the mer really shows the Ice part off in shades of blue and white! This one came with a skin and eyes. The hair I had in my inventory (I am not sure of the designer so if anyone out there can give me info on that I would love to have it) The tail fins move gracefully and the arm cuffs and the hip fins add a beautiful touch.

The RFL Bracelet is very beautiful. It is simple, cute, and amazing all at the same time. I really looked at it and was amazed at the detail that went into this piece. From the braided silver to the glass flower charm that lets the color behind it through (look at it - it shows my skin tone with both skins shine through!) it looks so real. I want one for my First Life!

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