Monday, March 15, 2010

Inventory Clearance Sale?

Well I am not sure about the sale part - but the inventory clearance has to take place. And I am dreading it!

I have over 30K things in my inventory to go through. I almost had everything all sorted out and in nice and neat folders and folders inside folders and I made boxes and put things in boxes to save inventory space.

But then something happened and it was like in one of those old comedy shows in black and white - the ones that show people going on vacation and they have so much in their suitcase they have to sit on it to get it closed... but they fall off and the suitcase opens and everything comes flying out.... well that is what happened to my inventory.

I can't find anything. I don't know what is the pretty dress or the one that has a pretty name but is super ugly. Do I really need 20 copies of the TV remote control? I have 7 copies of the medieval canopy bed that has the sleep script on it... On it- they made two clear prims and put a scrip to make you lay on your back. your head doesn't even touch the pillows. and I have 7 beds like that. all because i pull one out and one stays in inventory. I pick the bed back up because we are doing something to the building then I pull the bed out but this time I now have one bed in the room and two in my inventory... Same thing with fireflies.

I need to clear all that stuff out of my inventory - I need to then go through my poses folder and organize that - I have poses all over my inventory - scattered hither, tither and yon. I need them in ONE place. I need to go through my clothes. OMG my clothes. I have to go through what I have and get rid of over half of what I have. maybe save a piece or two like gloves, stockings or hats. Go through my shoes and jewelry.

I wonder - Can you have a yard sale in Second Life? I know I can't hold one at my house - it is listed in my covenant - I wonder if it would be worth it to rent a booth somewhere - are there flea markets in Second Life?

Now that I am thinking on this - I have so much in my inventory --(even a kitchen sink!) Someone may want to buy some of it (the stuff that can be transferred that is). Would you pay 5L for an outfit that may have never been worn - just taken out of the box?

I am not looking forward to the task at hand. I would rather be out shopping, dancing or hanging out with my friends. I guess I need to actually set aside time on my calendar to work on this - make myself busy and just work on it for a couple of days. Other wise this inventory is going to be too heavy to carry around soon.

Happy Monday Everyone!


PS. Tomorrow is my RezDay!

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