Sunday, March 14, 2010

Crazy is as Crazy does.

And I have been told I am crazy. Have I done crazy things? Answer would be Yes.

Like flying as high as I could with a flight feather with my parachute on then putting the feather away and falling. it was fun. but more fun was falling WITH OUT the parachute!

I love just finding strange and unusual things in Second Life. I did not know you could cliff dive or para sail. those really aren't crazy. Now doing the chocobo gesture and running around IS crazy. and getting dressed up as a huge crab and doing the chocobo gesture is even crazier!

hmmm I know I did a lot of crazy things in SL - I did sit on dinosaur eggs waiting for them to hatch. - they didn't. oh I ran on a giant hamster wheel once. that was odd

I guess I haven't done as many crazy things as I thought I did. I better get busy. there are a lot of crazy things to do out there and I want to do them. LOL


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