Saturday, March 6, 2010

What to write when you don't know what to write

Honestly I have no idea what to write about! OK I will just start to ramble and see where it takes us... these are the fun posts because my brain is very good at wandering!

I have discovered Plurking. For those of you who have never heard of Plurking it is like Tweeting but better. I have a Twitter account too - but since Plurk - I rarely go there anymore - plus I have my Plurk update my Twitter account! Honestly I am so happy I joined Plurk. I have met so many wonderful Plurkers - and we have wonderful conversations. Almost all my Plurkie Plurk Friends are from Second Life so there is a lot of talk about our Second Lives and some about our Real or First Lives. Some of my friends in Plurk have become friends of mine in the Second Life Universe, I have brought some of my Second Life friends over to Plurk (I wonder how many times I can say Plurk in this one paragraph.....) and some Plurk Friends were already on my friends list and my friends list at Flickr. So, if you are reading this and you are wondering just what a Plurk looks like here is the link.

So did you count how many times I said it? I haven't the vision I used to have so I didn't count. LOL

Well I don't remember if I wrote about the wonderful property I purchased that is just beautiful. I love it. I bought a house.. a house. I have bought them before. In fact I had a beach house. I loved it too but when I moved and became a wanderer for the few months I took off - before I bought this land - it is in my inventory. and with this land it doesn't go with my new property so in the inventory it stays. So I went house hunting. I wanted just a small house - not a 1 room job though. I looked and looked. My pixelated feet and RL hands were very sore from wandering all the house selling companies. I needed a house to match the land, a cottage, I had seen a few that I liked but for some reason I went for the biggest one out of the ones I liked. Darn it... the house is huge. It takes up almost the whole lot! what do I need two bedrooms for? I mean I have beds but I never use them! right now the only things in the house is my TV-DVD player and radio and a sofa. that is all in one room on the first floor - the other side of the house and the whole upstairs is empty. EMPTY. I am debating if I want to go back and get that cute little white cottage with the red doors and windows. I don't know. I am just not sure. My brain hurts from trying to make this decision. Bleh.

Well, speaking of brain hurts - I am really meaning it. I have one of those Migraines I get a few times a week. So until next time -

Be good........

.............But not too good!

Hasta Pasta!

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