Monday, November 17, 2008

Ups....No Wait....Downs. Or the Good, the Bad & The Ugly

Should I start with Good or Bad? I will just let it come out of my fingers and so it will be a mixed up jumble.

Some of you know some of my RL history - This is the bad otherwise known as the UGLY. I am not writing this for pity or sympathy - this is written so you may know more about me and what is going on today... Actually I think I will start with Good & Bad in 2nd life.

Today I found out I was not chosen in the casting call at VooDoo Vogue for the Winter Showcase. I was sad for about half an hour, did my little pity party and I was fine. There will be other shots. I was very very happy my friend Wen made it in, so that was GREAT! I love everyone there. OMG we get together and we laugh and laugh and laugh!

Another good was hanging out for a bit with my Friend and Boss Laura18 Streeter. This woman is extraordinary. And I am not just saying that because she is my boss and practically the only person following me on here. :-) She is one busy gal I get worn out litening to every thing she is up to. This weekend alone I think she said she had 5 events she is participating in! Please read her blog too. You can find it at Not only does she model FULL TIME but she is also COO of Look Elite Modles.

Ok next on my ramblings I had my second practice today with Diversity, I think it went well. I learned a new walk. My group leader changed to Dunia and that is great! I love her even though we haven't really had a chance to talk to each other. She was in Arai with me and is in Diversity AND VooDoo Vogue. We were laughing today she thought I was folling her around!

All agencies I am in have been so terrific and the members fun to be around.

OK now back to the RL stuff. I have some hard times. I was in an Auto Accident in 1st life in the year 2000 and I have a ton of health problems from that. I have been trying to get disability from that as I cannot work. I was told by my attorney a month ago that he was over booked and had to reschedule my appt time from November 19 to another day. He said I did not have to respond to the letter from the court and that they would take care of everything. Well today- I had a voice mail from the court reminding me of my appt on Wednesday the 19th. OMG what am I going to do? I am so freakin gout. I have taken my anxiety meds hoping they calm me down. Anyone have ideas on ways to calm down? I tried breathing and I have taken two Klonipin .05mg.

I think if I don't sleep tonight I will be in SL just to try to get my mind off things. So if anyone wants to hang out and do something,,,, I am going to be purchasing more L$ I want to shop when I get this depressed.

So that last part is the UGLY.

Ok hubby said get off the computer for a bit and watch Chuck on NBC.


Laura18 Streeter said...

aw Dakky!
I can't believe you put me in your article! *blush*
Life's passed you more than your share of troubles and hard times, and in the end what we're here for I think.. is each other. So if I'm there or not, or if annoying things like timezones get in the way - know that this friend you do have.

Laura18 Streeter said...

P.S. I am not your "boss" LOL!!