Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I cannot BELIVE it!

I have been accepted to Diversity Models! YEA! Arai is closing its doors and they asked everyone to leave the group so I guess I will do that today. It will free up a group space.

Rant time:
I am so frustrated with the fact LL will only give us 25 group spots. They should increase it to 50. Oh, I know, once everyone fills it up to 50 they will complain for more. I know 50 would be plenty for me. When I was really heavy into using Yahoo groups - I never really got above 37. Then it got a bit hard to follow.
OK, Rant over.

I need to go update my calander with what is going on over the next two months. I am going to be a really busy chick in 2nd life as well as 1st life!

I may write more - but for now this is it. I have a lot to do today in both my worlds so I better get moving or nothing will get done!


Laura18 Streeter said...

hi Dakk!
you doin good!
and if you want to rant some more, come join us at
and vote for groups!
<3 Laura

Dakk McDunnough said...

I ran right over and did that. Thank you for giving me the link!