Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dakk in Acedia Albion Magazine Issue 9 - November

Dakk in Acedia Albion Magazine Issue 9 - November
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Well here it is! My first Magazine photos! It is a PDF magazine put out by Acedia Albion. I am not on the cover of this issue - I just wanted you to see the cover :-) There was a modeling contest and I won the cover of the December Issue - of Super Models Super Stars - A Black Owl Factory publication. I am really excited (article corrected 12/15)

I am on the lower left side of the middle page and the last page in this set is ALL ME! giggle. I cannot wait for Super Models Super Stars to come out!

I love her clothes. She has a new one out that I am dying to purchase! Maybe when I get my monthly allotment for SL spending I will just have to pick it up. :-D

Acedia's website is you can read all the issues of her magazine from her blog section and the Super Models Super Stars there as well.

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