Sunday, November 16, 2008


OMG - Ok my DSL has been acting up and so has my video card. Leave it to Murphy to add a daughter who would not go to sleep into the mix and you have a recipe for major disaster.

Here is what happened: I logged into SL just to pay my tier yesterday as I did not want to loose my land. My internet had been down for three days for the most part. Well up and down... Not on long enough to play SL. I was only going to be in for just long enough to pay that bill - when Acedia IMed me and asked me to be in her fashion show, (This was at 6pm SLT - show at 7:30pm SLT--9pm and 10:30 my time) I had IMed her about my internet and my kidlet... but she still wanted me in the show... So I tped over there - bought the two outfits and put on my Ice Skates - Oh did I forget to mention that part?? Yes the show was Ice Divas - and skating was involved - I did not have the hang of the skates I Had so she had me pick up the ones the other girls were using... if it had been real ice I would have been on my ass.

So I practice a bit and learn how to do the skating - sorta - and now it is 10pm EST 7pm SLT time for my kidlet to go to bed and she is fighting me tooth and nail. I finaly get her into my bed and she falls alseep at 10:30 on the dot. I thought I was right on time for the show - I was having Video card issues with it overheating earlier but thought I had it fixed but NO!

My computer froze up I could not move - no one was moving on my screen - oh crap - Though I, not now - please not now. So I ended closed SL and when I went to open it again - turns out the DSL went out again. Evidently Windstream did NOT come out to fix it like they told me. I had no internet.

When I got internet back on it was like 1am. My email I recived IMs from BlackOwl and Acedia telling me to GO GO GO they were about to announce my name as the cover winner. I am so bummed. I hope she doesn't take the cover away from me and that she will forgive me.

Sometimes it SUX to be Dakk.


Laura18 Streeter said...

Awwww!! bad day :(
did you at least get tiers done ok?
hugs, Lau

Dakk McDunnough said...

Thank goodness Yes! It would really be bad if I lost my property and ended up with out a home.