Monday, November 10, 2008

First Post to Introduce Myself

Greetings to all you out there!

My name is Dakk McDunnough and this is my SL blog. Here I will talk about anything and everything that I want to about SL be it fashion, Modeling, relationships, great places I have seen, Runways I have done, new things in my Flickr, or just strange things that pop into my head! Well I m
ay post RL stuff if my friends need to know otherwise it is SL and only SL.

First a bit about me:

My SL rezday is March 16, 2006. Of course I only hung out two days in the welcome center and when no one would talk to me - I left. A friend of mine convinced me to come back and try again so in Feb of 2008 I did just that and I haven't stopped since!

With me, what you see is what you get. It is a game, social interaction, and fun, and it is my real self you see, even if you don't know my real name or details about my real life. Yes I really am that crazy. I am very true to my friends. Even if I get hurt by you - I still love you and treasure friendship above all.

Next back to talking about Modeling:

I have been a Pirate and Belly Dancer. But now I am working hard to be a Model. Oh I know what you are thinking - she is trying to be DIVA... Nope not at all. To me being a model is not about me... It is about making the designers clothes look good so they sell more and ask me to model for them again. Anything above that is just the Cherry on the top. :-)

I am currently signed with:

Look Elite Models
VooDoo Vogue
Black Owl Factory
Look International
Gypsy Wave

Arai Models
and I do Freelance work

I have had most of my training on the job. For me it has worked out the best because I have learned Every Agency and Every Designer wants things their own way. You will be learning new walks all the time and if the agency you are with offers free training or training for a show I take it. I am of the thought that each show and each agency will to mold me into what they want me to be. I do pick up things quick - I keep notes on everything :-).

For Fun:

Well I have been working hard and really haven't spent time on fun. Once my SL BF left (that is a LONG story best saved for sometime when I have been into the Asti) I no longer go dancing as I found it quite difficult to waltz by myslef. I literally just end up standing in the middle of the floor with everyone els
e just staring at me. Quite embarrassing.

Now the other day when I went to the runway at VooDoo Vogue - a bunch of models and the owners showed up and we had fun along with an impromptu pillow fight. That was fun. :-)

That is about all for today. My RL brain is shutting down. LOL Time for a short nap before I come into SL so I make sense to everyone! Huggles and Poses!


Laura18 Streeter said...

hi Dakky!!!!
welcome to Blogger :-)
<3 Laura

Dakk McDunnough said...

Thanks Laura!!! :-) I think this will be fun. I used to use Open Diary and used MySpace. This seems a little more grown up. :-)