Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Real life strikes again

Many of you know that IRL my dad had both heart bypass then esophageal cancer. He beat them both - but the toll on his body was too much. He had a blood clot in his lung, infection in his heart, and we thought he was getting better and would be released from the hospital. No such luck.

On June 29, 2009, my daddy, my hero - died. I tried to get to see him but he died 4 min before I reached the hospital. I have not been around in SL or anywhere. They held a memorial service for him in FL but the weather was bad and my friend who is a pilot could not leave the airport so I missed that as well.

Needless to say - I have been feeling like a horrible daughter.

So that is it - tomorrow will be one month. I have not left the first stage of Grief... Denial. I keep expecting to have him call me. I know mom turned off his cell phone with their carrier but I cannot delete his number. I just can't. Everyone says it will get better. I know he is in a better place and no longer in pain. I know that. I just wish I had the opportunity to tell him he was still my hero and how much I loved him.


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