Friday, March 20, 2009


There is nothing better for this girl to do when not working the runway or in front of the camera and that is shopping. Just a few minutes ago one of my BFFs Divine Nightly took me to the new Minnu store and I bought some new skins. I love them. And I don't have to adjust my face for them. They are like they were made for me. I am not telling you what set I bought. I don't want everyone running around like me, now do I?

Tomorrow we are going to hit the fashion fair, if it is still going on. If is not, then there a few places I have been dying to go to but never have seemed to have time to go to. Well I am going to make time. What good is living in a virtual world if you cannot enjoy it. Museums, gardens, cities, continents, Stores, So much to see and do.

And clothing stores and shoe stores, hair stores, and skin stores, you name it I want to see it....

I may not have money but a girl can look and wish can't she?

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