Tuesday, March 17, 2009

To be on the runway again....

...is a rush like no other!

I was blessed to be able to walk for Look Elite Models in such an important show! The debut of MEB's spring collection!

I had one mishap on my last run due to lag. On my way back up to make my turn to go down the middle walkway, I got stuck inside one of the poles. LOL OOPS! Laura came to my rescue and saved my life with a tp to the back of the stage. I love lag --- I am one with the lag--- :-)

You can read about the show at the Look Elite Models Blog and learn more about this fantastic agency. I have been with them since the beginning, through rough times and let me tell you, I am very proud to be a Look Elite Model.

I love you guys... now I am all teary eyes cause I love you. LOL Laura or Bourbon you need to smack me upside my head! LMAO!



Laura18 Streeter said...

Welcome back Dakky!

We love you too!

Bourbon Zenovka said...

You rocked it, Dakk:)