Monday, August 29, 2011

Writing Poetry

Sometimes the mood just strikes me to write --anything. Get that pen/cil moving on that paper and just see what comes out.

The other day I met my friend at a poetry reading and everyone in the circle was sharing. I felt very timid to share what I wrote because it was written very hastily the evening before. 

Time: The night before: We were just standing around and Desiree was sharing some of her poetry. (Which is AMAZING) by the way!) Then a couple more friends shared some of their writing. I wanted to share something too so I frantically put pen to paper and wrote a poem.  My friends seemed to love it - but they had to say that as they are my friends! End:The night before

Here is said poem:


I met you a long time ago
in my dreams in the dark
you were calling to me...

I saw you and my heart stopped,
There you were
as you appeared in my dreams.
Scared and in awe was I .
How could I know what was in store for me
That fateful night

When you touched me 
I could feel your cold skin
send shivers of ice down my spine
and yet it was hot like fire.

Slowly you took me in your arms
Barely a whisper you spoke in my ear,
"You will be mine."

Then your breath on my neck
It was if time stood still then
a bite was all. 

I could feel my life slipping away
but yet 
I was not scared
To the brink of death you took me
And then a
Taste of blood on my lips

I was reborn into the night. 

                                                       ~Dakk McDunnough

The poetry circle just kind of looked at me funny. I guess I should have told them Dakk is a Vampire. LOL

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