Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Time to dust off the pollen off this old blog of mine and catch you all up!

I get so many things I want to say here then, of course, with my brain, I forget to write them out. One of the bad things about being a Dakk. LOL 

One item is that I have become a part time vampire. I know, I know... Sad isn't it. I haven't left my clan or anything, and on Face Book we still play exchange the Vampire Candy (It drives my RL relatives NUTS!)  Hey you all can come and visit me there too! LOL I am all over the internet you know! Just look for dakk_mcdunnough or various forms there of. 

One really exciting thing is that I have started making fun and fanciful clothes and what nots! The name of the line is ... get is so original you won't believe it... Dakk Attack!  LMAO.  So I made a group for it call Dakk Attack as well it is free to join I will be working on getting the basics in but when I am done I will be sending out notices for new items, hunts, and group gifts!  My current and only location is on a new sim named Moon Rose Cove.  

I have been out of  SL for a few days. My power cord on the lap top went the way of broken laptop cords where ever that may be. I hope to be in tonight some time. I say hope because while I was using hubs laptop (I could use it for mail and stuff like that - could not install SL) I logged into NetFlix and am absolutely hooked on the 1967 soap opera Dark Shadows.  It is that temporary Vampire in me. Oh Barnabas if only you were a GOOD looking Vampire I would be your Josette! OK, off to try to finish the second season. I will try not to start the 1990s revival of the show.  giggle

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