Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Crazy 1st and 2nd lives!

First Life First! -I missed two very important doctor appointments I thought were on Tuesday that were on Monday but were scheduled for the same time - but one they didn't have my info from the PCP anyway so oh well. Anxiety attack over a notice that the registration on our vehicle was suspended - those of you who know me understand those who don't will have to ponder and wonder and say "wha?" but today I found out it was on a truck we USED to have not the one we have now.

I love my Second Life. I love everyone in my Second Life. I really do. Honest and for true. I don't really know how to roll play and my first life rolls over into my second life and they get tangled together like threads in a tapestry. I do want to learn how to do more RP. But you will always get the essence of me.

Why? Well, I am kinda home bound due to several things that I may write about in the future. Heck I don't know if anyone even reads this now. lol I may be just writing for the sake of seeing myself on the net. (Hey if you do read can you please at least check one of the quick Reaction boxes on the bottom - Funny, smart, cool or stupid - just to let me know someone is reading? lol thanks)

But yes I am mostly house bound. I get out to go to the doctor or to the grocery store or if hubs feel up to going for a ride in the mountains. My only Adult contact in my Real Life is my husband and my Father In Law (always referred to as FIL) My doctors actually told me TO play SL as much as I want because of this. I try to balance it so I spend good quality time with Hubs and Autumn (My Daughter - she is 6 and in the 1st grade - you would think she is older she is so smart!)

Now on to my Second Life! - It was raining on Monday so that meant relatively no internet so no 2nd life. so I missed a rehearsal for a modeling show that I was to be in yesterday - I had to be replaced - I felt awful not just for myself but for letting down the company I was to do the show with. It was not a small Deelio - they are quite well known. I had a cry over that.

I am also working on some things for a magazine and it is going slow - both because my RL -SL and my brain are trying to fight each other and because I want it to be one of the best things I write.

Also I am busy working on a land project with two of my best friends Desiree Lurra and Eccoelite Swordthian - we are hoping to have it ready to go in time for the Halloween Party we have planned for Saturday October 30th - we are having this WITH our Clan's Club - Embraced - I will be sending out invitations so please drop
me a note card if you would like an invite so I can get one out to you.

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