Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Life in Land Marks!

Did you know that you can tell allot about a person in the real world just by looking at their check book registry? It’s true! Unless you put everything on credit cards!
I will prove it to you. Take a moment to run and get yours out of your wallet or pocket book or where ever you keep yours hidden.

What you mean you don't write everything down in that little paper journal for deposits and withdraws! You don't even save receipts? Oh my, that IS telling, but there is more for those of you who do keep records! Even those who use online banking like Quicken.

Ok, everyone back yet? I will wait a few more seconds for the stragglers then I have to move on. *tapping foot to the music* You can't hear the music? I can't help that. You have to put your radio on to hear music, I can't do everything for you, you know!

Now that everyone is here I want you to open your register and look at what it says - if it anything like my humans it reads something like this:

Linden Labs
gas car
pet store
Linden Labs

Now that school has started start adding in things like PTA, Fundraiser this and Fundraiser That... Pretty much spot on, am I right?

Applying the same principle to Second Life, if we open our Land Marks folder we see practically every place we have been, have clothes or items from, or searched for. I was amazed at everywhere I had gone in the last couple years. I had been to some pretty strange places by the names!

Unfortunately for me, most of the places, on the other end of the Land Mark, no longer existed. Some of my most favorite clothing stores are gone, one of them being Wrong, and in the art division I miss A Virtual Starry Night - the Van Gogh museum.

The same thing happens in the Real Life too. Favorite stores of my human's were gone when she went on vacation to visit her mom.

I want to peek in and see what is in YOUR Land Marks!

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