Monday, December 8, 2008

I have been MIA again

RL has taken over again. First last weekend it was my RL sister came to town with a whole gaggle of guests. My anxiety was through the roof and it has not come down yet since it is the Holiday Season.

Things will get better -- they have to, Right?

I think I will be back in a day or two - still trying to get things cleaned up and straitened after their departure and get the tree decorated.

OMG I Have not even started to purchase Christmas and Hanukkah Gifts yet. Anxiety up again time to go to bed.....


Laura18 Streeter said...

hi Dakk :)
its hell's week for everyone come xmas season...
I just got back from a trip and did some shopping so what do i get? Home with fever today.
Miss you!
Talk soon,
<3 Laura

Dakk McDunnough said...

oh Laura I am sorry about your fever?

My season gets worse.

That is my RL online diary. feel free to roam around. a lot of the photos are off line but you can go back over 5 years and read all about my pregnancy LMAO.